Architectural Millwork

Architectural Millwork

In a world full of changes, interior decorating is one of the trending businesses that prove to be successful in creating a space that you enjoy. One of the most traditional yet popular choices in interior decorations are the millwork pieces. Millwork is any interior that is mill-produced. These are the pieces that helps finish a home or a commercial space. They are usually created from raw lumber, usually seen in sawmills, where the word “millwork” was derived. Millwork is specifically made by millworkers with pure craftsmanship and pay attention to any detail whether big or small. Those fine, fantastic pieces of art are commonly seen in showrooms, often filled with a wide range of choices fit to enhance any project.


Frequently, interiors lack any architectural interest. They are oftentimes seen as just mere doors or windows. The interior designing industry always wants new things that can make a huge difference. Thus, millwork projects paved its way to that change, from traditional to awesome. Architectural Millwork is perfect to use for interior decorating due to the fact that it is primarily made from wood which makes it very easy to carve, stained, or painted. Woodwork details were used in residential and commercial interiors in the contemporary time because it provides an exquisitely unique interior architecture. Enhanced interior designs nowadays are created from well-crafted millwork pieces that give that elegant and soothing touch.


Architectural Millwork Concepts

These fascinating works of art can make a difference in the world of interior design. A room can develop its own distinct personality and character. The carefully crafted and painted details add layers of class in the interior. If you already have your space decorated with paint, wallpapers, furniture, paintings and other works of art, and it still feels incomplete, maybe you should consider having some millwork made.


Architectural Millwork Pieces

Some architectural millwork pieces include the following:

  • Balustrades – are railings being supported by balusters which are often designed as an ornamental protective wall on balconies, bridges, or terraces.
  • Baseboards – somewhat a narrow board made of wood that runs along the interior wall base.
  • Beams – a long, strongly built piece of squared timber or metal that spans an opening or a portion of building that usually supports the roof or the floor above.
  • Built-in or custom milled cabinetry – a non-detachable box-shaped piece of furniture that has doors or drawers intended for storing miscellaneous items.
  • Chair rails – a wall molding around a room intended to protect it from damages caused the backs of chairs.
  • Coffered ceilings – is a series of rectangular or square-shaped sunken panels in the ceiling.
  • Columns – a cylindrical upright pillar used to support an entablature or any structure such as archs.
  • Crown Molding – molding in a surface or structure that usually crowns or runs between the top of an internal wall or ceiling.
  • Doors and door casings – allows access to the entrance and exit.
  • Fireplace Mantels – also called as a chimney piece that originated in medieval times. It is a hood that is projected over a grate. Used to catch the smoke.
  • Stairways – this is made up of a number of steps, usually made to access one floor to another.


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Architectural Millwork

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