Millwork remains any kind of woodwork that is commercially created in a mill. In most cases, you will discover that the types of woodwork involved are simply finished pieces. As part of the construction procedure, these finished pieces can be installed without or with little alteration for a public or home building. The term millwork can as well include the production of lumber sections that can be utilized in the construction process.


Studies have revealed that almost every building or home has some forms of millwork items. The lumber that most woodwork experts use to create frames for edifices and other buildings are inclusive in the millwork construction process. The architectural millwork ideology can as well be used to create several specific features of any open space. This can include items in the likes of crown molding, door frames, and window casings. The exterior and interior doors and even design materials such as mantelpieces around fireplaces used in the project can as well be considered an option of the category of wood product.


The decorative trim is another great example of the kind of woodwork created in a mill. These trims can be used as part of the design of a chair rail or along baseboards. Trim of this kind may include grooves, attractive beadwork, or other types of designs that help to improve the overall appearance of the space. Another important thing to know is that these trims can as well be plain. Trim can be added at a later date while sometimes included in the initial design. These trims may be used as a means of updating or changing the appearance of the home. You can find other great examples of the term in question in your living domicile. Even other types of structures can act as a great example for special woodwork created in a mill. Bathroom and kitchen items produced with wood also fall into this group or category. One great example of this category that cannot be ignored is the shutters and blinds created with wood. The shelving contained in pantries, bookshelves, closets and a flight of stairs are considered examples of this type of woodwork.


In time past, millwork is only applied to elements made from wood and building materials. The meaning of the term has been redefined due to some changes that have occurred over time. The constant use of synthetic items is one of the reasons that have redefined the term called millwork. Some experts have finally agreed that any item of a mix of synthetic and wood materials can be considered millwork. It also includes products that often used as pressed wood items in the design process. Nevertheless, some woodwork professionals have been negative to this notion. In fact, some experts agreed that only items created fully from solid wood are approved as millwork.


The quality of a given kind of millwork as with many products will depend on the option of raw materials used. The care that is provided to the production of the woodwork remains another factor to consider on the quality of millwork. A good example of high-quality projects is personalized pieces produced with great care. Basic standards can be met by using mass-produced pieces that are created from inferior wood. However, you may not be able to anticipate more than required when talking about the general basic standard. It is possible to buy several types of mill-created items at a wide range of costs because of the variance in quality.




Millwork can be used to maximize the utility of buildings and decorations. The most important thing to known at this juncture is that any woodwork commercially created in a mill can be considered millwork. As part of the construction process, finished pieces can be installed without or with little modification for a public or home building. The lumber that most woodwork professionals like using to create frames for homes and other buildings are included in the millwork construction procedure. The decorative trim remains a great example of the type of woodwork created in a mill. Nevertheless, these trims can be used as part of the design along baseboards. With the simple explanation in this content, you will get a great insight of what millwork is all about.


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